IÉSEG is always trying to find ways to honor its community (students, graduates and staff). The photo contest, conceived by the communications department, is a practical, creative and attractive way to bring the members of the School’s community together.

All of the different members of IÉSEG’s community are committed to the VISION process. Our community shares the A.R.I.S.E values (Accomplishment, Responsibility, Integrity, Solidarity and Engagement). The competition will therefore be based on the 5 School values, themes which give participants numerous possibilities to express themselves.

The values of IÉSEG


We support members of the IÉSEG community to go the ‘extra mile’, forging their own path and achieving meaningful goals in life.

Participate for the value "A"


We take into account the impact of all our decisions and activities on people, the planet and business.

Participate for the value "R"


We, students and staff, act ethically in a consistent way in all of our personal and professional activities.

Participate for the value "I"


We pay particular care and attention to everyone by fostering inclusiveness in all our activities.

Participate for the value "S"


We are actively, and collectively, committed to making a positive impact.

Participate for the value "E"

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